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LiDCO Hemodynamic Monitoring Machine   

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LiDCOunity monitor is a single platform which combines both the LiDCOplus and LiDCOrapid functions. This provides a single solution to monitoring needs throughout the hospital. It can be used non-invasively, minimally invasively with a radial arterial line and can be calibrated with the lithium dilution technique. It is the only technology available that can be calibrated with a standard radial arterial line and without the need for a central line.

LiDCOrapid uses the PulseCO™ algorithm to derive stroke volume (SV) and heart rate from the blood pressure waveform. The key step in the algorithm is the conversion of the blood pressure to volume to account for both aortic compliance and capacitance. The PulseCO™ algorithm uses a patient-specific factor to adjust the aortic capacitance individually for each patient. The factor can be precisely determined by comparing a known cardiac output with the PulseCO™ estimate. This factor does not change for a patient over the short term.

LiDCOplus hemodynamic monitor provides a continuous, reliable and accurate assessment of the hemodynamic status of critical care and surgery patients. It is comprised of two technologies: a continuous arterial waveform analysis system (PulseCO™) coupled to single point lithium indicator dilution calibration system.

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Intravenous connector sets providing optimum patient safety. Produced in industry-leading plastics. Incorporating back check and anti-syphon valves for combining fluid and drug administration.

Ideal uses: pumped drug infusions (syringe driver or volumetric pump), PCA, TIVA, Syntocinon infusions, chemotherapy, intermittent bolus drug administration with IV fluid.

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Administration sets incorporating needle free valves. A choice of double or triple lumen sets is available in regular or mini bore tubing, each with coloured clamps.

Ideal uses: intermittent drug administration, drug and fluid administration remote from the patient’s cannula

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alesi surgical

Ultravision™ uses the proven process of electrostatic precipitation to eliminate surgical smoke and provide a continuously clear visual field during laparoscopic surgery.

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frontier group

REPOSE comprises a range of pressure area care devices which are clinically proven to support the prevention and management of pressure damage.

Repose Foot Protectors are a unique product designed specifically to minimize the risk of pressure damage to heels by off-loading.
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Repose Wedge has been designed primarily for off-loading pressure from the heels and can be used wherever support or elevation of the lower legs is required.
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Sole Protector considerably reduces the risk of pressure damage to the soles of the feet, offering pressure redistribution at the bed end and helping to eliminate the risk of avoidable pressure ulcers.
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The Repose Mattress Overlay has been designed for use on standard single bed where it has proved uniquely comfortable as well as providing effective pressure redistribution. Suitable for use in both acute and community settings. The Repose pressure redistribution single mattress overlay comes packed inside a unique and easy to use pump, which enables the inflatable air mattress to be inflated ready for use within seconds and automatically ensures that the product is inflated to the correct pressure.
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The Repose Mattress Overlay and Cushion has been designed for use on a standard single bed and static chair where it has been proven to be comfortable as providing effective pressure redistribution. Suitable for use in both acute and community settings.
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Available specifically for use during transportation of patients. It is also suitable for use in ambulance and is X-ray translucent so can remain on the trolley should the patient require x-rays to be taken.
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The TOTO automated turning system gently moves patients at regular intervals to assist with patient turning and pressure injury prevention plans and reducing the dependency on carers and nursing staff.

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LuerSafe Automatic Clamps

  • Maintain a closed system upon disconnection negating the need for clamps
  • Reduce the risk of infection and air embolism
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Colour-Coded Lumens

  • Allow for clearer identification of lines
  • Provide safe delivery of photosensitive drugs
  • Reduce the risk of maladministration due to misidentification of the lines
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Multi-Tube Technology

  • Creates perfectly round lumens
  • Provides superior flow rates
  • Allows for multiple lumens without compromise to flow or catheter size
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High Pressure Line

  • A dedicated high pressure line for the safe delivery of contrast media
  • Reduces the risk of catheter rupture
  • Reduces the need for additional cannulations
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ProActiv+ Advanced PHMB Polyhexanide Antimicrobial Bonding

  • A non-eluting, covalently bonded antimicrobial that will protect your patient for the duration of the therapy*
  • Reduces the risk of anaphylactic shock due to no presence of Chlorhexidine
  • Covalent bonding ensures no systemic release into the bloodstream

*Up to 30 days

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Altius Central Venous Catheters
With Altius® central venous catheters you can protect your patient from catheter associated risks. Our CVCs feature our unique Multi-TubeTM technology and are available from 1-5 and 7 lumen configurations.

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Our range of CT-rated peripheral inserted central catheters are designed to administer fluids, antibiotics, chemotherapy, parenteral nutrition and pain management drugs for long-term therapy.

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MIDlines provide safe and reliable short-term vascular access for the administration of intravenous therapy.
The Kimal range of MIDlines have ‘MIDLINE’ clearly written on the suture wing for quick identification and reduced drug administration errors.

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Kflow Epic Haemodialysis Catheters
A comprehensive range of chronic and acute polyurethane configurations, all Kflow Epic®catheters come with high quality components including hydrophilic dilators, nitinol guidewires and valved introducer needles as standard for improved insertion and reduced risk.
Peritoneal dialysis catheters are available from Kimal in silicone configurations as part of our Kflow range.

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ActivHeal® is a range of wound care dressings indicated for use on a variety of chronic and acute wounds. The dressings have been developed to keep the wound moist which creates an ideal wound healing wound environment, protecting the wound and protecting the peri-wound area.

Absorbent Foams

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Absorbent Fibers

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Semi Occlusive Dressings

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Amorphous Gels

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Non-adherent Dressings
ActivHeal Silicone Wound Contact Layer dressing is a primary dressing for use when adherence to the wound is a potential problem. The dressing allows exudate to pass into an absorbent secondary dressing. The silicone creates a layer between the dressing and the skin surface which allows the dressing to be removed without causing trauma, pain, or damaging the delicate new tissue at the wound margin.

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ActivHeal PHMB Foam dressings are sterile antimicrobial wound dressings, consisting of a hydrophilic polyurethane foam which is designed to absorb exudate. This is a laminated to a pink, low friction, waterproof polyurethane film which provides a bacterial barrier to the wound.

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Trio Silvex® Silicone Convex Ostomy Seals are made with Sil2™ Breathable Silicone Technology. Sil2™ supports the skin’s natural barrier function and allows the skin around your stoma to breathe and heal by protecting it from irritants.

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Trio Silex® Silicone Extenders are made with Sil2™ Breathable Silicone Technology. They provide added silicone adhesion to your wafer or base plate during activities and warm conditions as well as adapting to varied body shapes; all whilst allowing skin to breathe and move naturally.

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Trio Siltac® Silicone Ostomy Seals are made with Sil2™ Breathable Silicone Technology™. Sil2™ supports the skin’s natural barrier function and allows the skin around your stoma to breathe and heal by protecting it from irritants.

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Trio Silken™ silicone gel is made with Sil2™ Breathable Silicone Technology. Sil2™ supports the skin’s natural barrier function and allows the skin around your stoma to breathe and heal by protecting it from irritants.

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Trio Elisse® Sting Free Skin Barrier is a hypoallergenic silicone formula that builds a protective barrier between your ostomy wafer or base plate and your skin. It protects the skin from the strain caused by regular removal of your ostomy appliance.

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Trio Elite® Sting Free Adhesive Remover is made from a formulation that is 100% silicone. It’s hypoallergenic and sting-free so won’t irritate the skin around your stoma. The spray has a special nozzle that sprays the amount you want, exactly where you want it for minimal wastage.

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Trio Pearls® Gelling and Odour Control Sachets help ostomates gain more control in managing liquid output from their stool. Pearls sachets are placed inside the ostomy pouch where the super absorbent gelling crystals get to work absorbing the excess fluid, turning the liquid inside your pouch into a gel that is thicker in consistency.

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Accel-Heal is an electrical stimulation device that provides targeted therapy for hard-to-heal and painful wounds, including leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers and pressure ulcers.

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